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    Audio playback randomly dropping in sequences


      I'm having a strange issue where I'll be working in a sequence, and all is running well. I'll jump around a bit with the mouse, or stop and start the sequence a few times, and then the sequence will playback

      with no sound.  Video playback is still fine.  I've reacreated it in multiple projects.  My quick fix is to toggle between two open sequences and then audio will work again.  This also seems to happen in the source viewer too.  I'm working with mostly .R3Ds and Prores Quicktimes stored locally.  I'm using my AJA Kona 3 for external audio and video via SDI so I have Premiere routing the audio through it, but even when I select desktop audio the problem is still there.  Has anyone run into this with version 6.0.2 or 6.0.3?  Need anymore info on my setup to evaluate the problem?





      Win 7 Pro SP 1 64-bit

      PP 6.0.3

      HP Z800 w/ Quantro 4000

      SAS Facilis Storage

      AJA Kona 3 w/ 10.3.1 Drivers