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    Problems playing .f4v files in CS5.5 that were rendered from CS5.5?

    TKO Bird

      Premiere Pro CS5.5 seems to have trouble playing .f4v files that it has rendered? I basically edit my video, (uncompressed .mov) export it as a .f4v file for YouTube which is about half an hour in length. I then get that half an hour video and do a video preview of what happened over the half hour… like a montage. I used to export my videos to .mp4 and I never had any problems when trying to do my montage edits, but now that I am using .f4v CS5.5 freezes the video but the audio keeps playing, the video won't play at all or it freezes during transitions (and the transitions are rendered before I try to playback my clips) The bottom line is that the .f4v format has never played back perfectly once and I could understand this if I had got the file from somewhere else but I rendered it from CS5.5? Can anybody help me with this please.


      Thank you