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    Video error when files uploaded to web server

    binkerboy Level 1
      Hi, all. I am getting an error when I upload my project to the web server. It all works fine locally. I have a video that should play on application creationcomplete. When I run it locally, no matter where I put the .FLV file and addjust the path accordingly, it runs fine. For now I put the FLV in the root. All the image paths work fine. But when I put it on the server, I get an error. I am using mx:VideoDisplay. Here is the display code and the error message when I click the play button. Do I have to do all the ActionScript NetConnect and NetStream code? Is there a MIME type I need them to set on the server? Thanks.

      I found this in the Docs, but it is not exactly my error. I am asking the hosting company to look into it.

      The hosting server is Windows 2003 IIS 6 and CF. The URL is:

      My Code:
      <mx:VideoDisplay id="video1" source="ComfortablyNumbFirstSolo.flv"
      autoPlay="true" horizontalCenter="8" verticalCenter="51" visible="false"
      width="328" height="218"/>
      <mx:Button x="10" y="518" label="Play" click="video1.play()"/>

      The Error Code:

      Error: 1000: Unable to make connection to server or to find FLV on server.
      at mx.controls.videoClasses::VideoPlayer/play()[E:\dev\flex_3_beta3\sdk\frameworks\projects\ framework\src\mx\controls\videoClasses\VideoPlayer.as:1325]
      at mx.controls::VideoDisplay/play()[E:\dev\flex_3_beta3\sdk\frameworks\projects\framework\sr c\mx\controls\VideoDisplay.as:1462]
      at MTP/___MTP_Button1_click()[C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MediaTransferPlus\src\MTP.mxml:141]