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    RH7 ToC design functionality removed?

    Philip Tory
      In RH up to version 6, there was a very useful feature whereby you could rearrange Topics and Books in the Table of Contents by means of keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+ arrow keys. This proved to be so quick and easy that I sometimes mastered printable manuals in RH, rearranged the chapters and sections in seconds, and then exported them into Word, for final formatting, then into PDF, and off to the printers. (Online Help was not required).
      Now I find that these useful keyboard shortcuts HAVE BEEN REMOVED. Or is there a setup checkbox that I can Tick to switch them back on again?
      This appears to be yet another frustration with a new release of a product, when the programmers have actually taken the trouble to remove useful functionality and consider it to be an improvement.
      Or am I missing something?
      Somebody pass this to the Product Manager. Please?