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    how to show alternate image , when actual image is not loaded

    avanthika Level 1
      Hi all,
      I am loading a image from the server in my flex application, using image component.
      if that image does not load, in place of that i want to load alternate image, so i am checking http status to see whether image is loaded or not. if it is not loaded I changed the image source property to new image. but this is not working.

      i am using following code:

      <mx:Image id="img" horizontalAlign="center" source=" http://www.mydomain.com/2006/img1.jpg" httpStatus="imgLoadStatus(event)" />

      private function imgLoadStatus(evt:flash.events.HTTPStatusEvent):void{



      when img1.jpg is not loaded , i am changing source but it is not working,

      is their any other way to load alternate image in flex.
      Any one please help me how to solve this.

      Thanks in advance