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    Do I need a training class or a book...

    ooba Level 1
      Slowing me to a crawl...

      The issue is dealing with and understanding how Flash deals with variables. Right now im setting all to _root so i can see them. However, what I have going on is that I'll define all the variables on a layer that spans over all frames on the stage (currently thats 5 frames). So, natural thinking on my part I would expect that any frame, function and movie clip that makes reference to that variable should be able to see that variable whether it be var varName or this.varName etc. when not using the _root or the _global.

      So what gives as to why I am not able to see variables?

      Can someone point me to an online reference that is consice so I dont have to read 100pages of fluff on getting the jist of this PLEASE.

      thank you all.