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    Rollover image popups containing hyperlinks?

    Alberti Level 1

      Hello, brand new to Captivate 6 but for now just need to create a single slide for use in a RoboHelp project.


      I want the user to be able to roll the mouse over different areas of a background image, and have pop-ups appear that contain either text hyperlinks or hyperlinked image hotspots  (these would be labelled boxes that point to intranet Web pages).


      Would I use slidelets to do this? I don't find an option to insert hyperlinks. Is there another method?



      Mike in Oz

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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          Rollover Caption will not solve your purpose, you need to use Rollover Slidelet and insert Text Caption on "Slidelet" (You will get Rollover Area and Slidelet)


          Once Text Caption is inserted, double click on it and select the Text, right click and click on "Insert Hyperlink"


          Note : You need to make sure : "Stick Slidelet" is checked Untitled.png


          Hope this helps !!