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    Opening RAW files as part of action or script


      I wrote an action that I want to use on my raw files which opens it with the already applied settings (which may be different for each photo in the batch). The action applies several adjustment layers and my watermark to the photo that are part of my standard workflow. But when I run it as a batch I have to sit at the computer and hit open file every time it opens the file in Camera RAW. My goal is to have a script or action which I can run and then leave the computer to do something else, and come back and only have to do the basic tweaks on each photo individually. I already process multiple files in Camera RAW by syncronising the settings for similar exposures and using presets, so I don't need the action to change anything in camera raw, and I don't want to open all the files at once (could be 30 - 50 files in a session) when I make my edits in RAW because I am worried it would crash my computer, which is why I am trying out the batch processing route. Any suggestions on the best approach for this? I am new to photoshop actions and scripting but I do have some programming experience in other software. Thanks for the help!