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    .swf's losing some contents when imported into After Effects




      Since updating to CS6, I have had .swf's losing contents/animation once they have been imported into After Effects.

      I have been using this workflow for years, and since cs6 I have experienced this problem on every project.


      Say i make an animation in Flash, and import the .swf to After effects. It will usually import fine at first, but apon save/close/reopening After Effects it is missing parts. For instance, the hair. Another exapmle is that I drew a tree in Flash. It was a static image (no animation) and every time i re opened After Effects, the tree trunk was missing. I have tried making the components into symbols, as opposed to objects, but this doesn't work. The only way to fix it is to copy the contents of the Flash file, paste it into a new Flash document, save it as 'Tree2' and re-import that .swf. However, it only lasts until the next time I close After Effects.


      This is extremely frustrating. I am currently on Tree7, not to mention all of the other files.


      Does anyone have any clue as to what is happening and why? In cs4 & cs5 I never experienced this.