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    Mac & Windows (BootCamp) Activations on Same Physical Machine

    DavidGaryEsp Level 1

      To Adobe:


      Please would it be possible to free-up the CS6-Cloud licensing to allow simultaneous activation on both OSX and BootCamp-Windows sides of the same physical Mac machine to count as only one (of the two allowed) activations?  The logic is that it is only one physical machine.  No sales would be lost and it would remove an inconvenience, making CS6 more flexible.


      Like most people, my second activation is normally bound to my workhorse-desktop.  The laptop is what gets used to show stuff (like CS6) to other people at other locations.  Sadly unable to give spontaneous (unplanned) demonstration of CS6 on Mac to someone recently at separate work location with no internet connection available (hence unable to do the "boot windows, deactivate, reboot mac, activate" sequence, during which they might have got bored and gone away in any case...).

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          davidclevelandjr Level 1

          David, after spending hours....and I man hours.... the best answer I get from Adobe is that I can't even have Bootcamp installed! Something about the MAC ID for the computer. What's happening for me is that I can't even deactivate in Windows and the reboot into OSX and activate. I get nothing but errors telling me it's already in use on another computer (meaning Windows). Deactivation means nothing apparently since it's the same physical hardware. Adobe needs to fix this! I'm one person on one machine. I cant be in Windows and OSX at the same time through BootCamp. And even if I was uing Parrallels or somthing lke that, I'm still one guy at one computer.... Adobe are you listening!? FIX THIS!!!!!