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    convert indd to other format




      I have got my logo from a designer in indd and I need it in another format in which I can make some slight changes (e.g. gif or jpg). I have tried to install the indesign trial version but it wouldn't work.


      Could anybody convert the file for me? (I guess the easiest way would be to provide me with some email address where I could send the file).


      Thanks a lot!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your logo should never have been designed in InDesign - that's the wrong tool for the job.


          InDesign is primarily a page layout tool. It has some vector drawing capabilities.


          Illustrator is considered the leading program for creating logos, and has far superior vector drawing capabilities.



          I suggest you contact the designer and make sure you get a ".ai" version of the file.


          Plus any logo design usually comes with an editable Illustrator file (.ai) and with versions for the web in gif, png, jpg etc. And also should have come in full colour, spot colours, b/w version, reveresed out options for all of the previous mentions.


          This should have all been part of the package of getting the logo designed.



          Honestly, you're better off getting the file from the original designer with all the correct formats supplied by them.