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    Error connecting


      I installed the software on my PC, the Bonjour software as well as the Chrome extension which is running... On my PC the extension displays:



      Waiting for a connection...


      I installed the App on my iPad3, launched it and find the Laptop connection, when I clicked on the connection, I get "Error connecting, tap to retry"... Both devices are on the same wireless network and my PC firewall allows connection on port 7682. When I try to connecy with the IP itself from the ipad it also fails...


      Any idea?

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Can you try turning your firewall off entirely to see if that makes a difference?


          Is the wireless network you're on at your home or at work? Is it possible that network is blocking port 7682?


          Can you try shutting down all other open programs on your PC to make sure none of them are using port 7682 and try it again?


          Try those things and let us know how it goes,