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    Multithreaded compile to reduce compile times...

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I have a _very_ fast laptop but am compiling for iOS using Flash Builder - the good news is that after moving to my laptop from the Mac that my client had me using, I have reduced compile times from 25 minutes down to 8 minutes for a release build. The bad news is that it _still_ takes 8 minutes!


      I have increased heap size as much as it will allow me to while still creating a JVM (I have set it to 1024m, any more than that and JVM fails to start).


      However, when viewing it in Task Manager (laptop is Windows), I can see that memory is really not the issue - I have a multi-core machine with absolutely loads of fast memory but only one of the processors appears to be being used and that not very much... Obviously, I want to be able to shorten the compile still further and I think the only way to do that is to find a way to compile using multi-threads.


      I saw a thread somewhere about a product to compile using multiple threads (JDHC, I think?) but I don't know whether it is worth the $60 or whatever for a licence.


      Has anyone else used this or a similar product? Was it worth it?