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    Create js warning questions

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      Below are the some warnings I received when using the createjs toolkit


      Need to ask these questions


      1. Buttons, what is the workaround for this, do I have to write .js for the interactivity?

      2. masks - understood

      3. shape tweens - understood

      4. Frame numbers start at 0 instead of 1 - I see the animation runs thru and never stops, how do I correct this?





      Buttons are published as MovieClip symbols without interactivity. (4)

      Feature not supported: Masks. (2)

      Text support is limited. It is generally recommended to include text as HTML elements (see DOMElement).

      Shape tweens are not supported. (7)

      Frame numbers in EaselJS start at 0 instead of 1. For example, this affects gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay calls. (23)

      Feature not supported: Color effects. (8)