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    Problems with Blur Gallery


      I am having two problems with the blur gallery. The first is that I cannot revisit the setting for a previously applied feild blur in the normal way by pressing "cmd + opt + f" (on the mac). Instead I have to hold the "opt" key while selecting the top option from the filter menu (apply last filter settings) and then I have access to the previous settings to make changes. Is there some way to reinstate the shortcut?


      The second issue is a bigger problem. when applying a field blur to an image the mask preview is not working properly. Sometimes no matter how quickly I press the "m" key the preview does not stay, other times it works fine. However when I have the preview displayed and I try to exit it by again pressing the "m" key I cannot get out of the preview. This is a major problem as any changes I make to the mask cannot be previewed and the only way out of the mask is by applying the filter. I cannot find a setting that addresses this isssue. any suggestions?