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    Problems with Photoshop - loading filters and brushes


      I'm having problems with my plug ins in Photoshop, which also includes brush sets.

      There are all present and correct in the usual area you save them with in the application folders.

      But when I want to use them in Photoshop either they don't show, or I get an error message saying I don't have the privileges to load them.

      If you can help in any way, it would be great as I am at a loss on how I can get them to work. These are fairly critical to completing certain work (graphics for distressed T Shirts)

      and would like to get them up and working before a project flies in and I can't use them.



      I was able to add a few plug ins by changing the permissions on the files. But this has not solved the problem for all & I am still unable to get "MACHINE WASH DELUXE" to work.



      Any help or suggestions would be useful,