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    How to use a servlet in a Workflow process step.

    pvr_reddy Level 1



      I need am upgrading existing code from cq 5.4 to CQ 5.5.

      The exsiting code uses a servlet with an injected @MailService reference to send emails. It is currently used as a process step service.



      However, with CQ 5.5 I see that I need to implement the WorkFlowProcess interface, to see this class listed as in the Process step drop down list.

      The issue I have is if I keep the class as a Servlet extension , it does not show up in the drop down list of the process step.


      Is there a way to update the code to list this servlet as a process step?


      Or is there a way to inject the MailService reference into a class which only implements the "WorkflowProcess" interface and is not a servlet ?


      advice appreciated.