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    fscommand inside onSoundComplete not working

    0belix Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm building a flash movie that needs to run a javascript function afer a particular sound finishes playing.


      Here's the code i'm curently using:



      var som:Sound = new Sound();

      som.onSoundComplete = function(){
            fscommand("animation", "ready");


      I'm publishing the HTML as a template for Flash with FSCommand, and I have the following code on the HTML inside the DoFSCommand javascript function:


      if (command == "animation") {

             alert("This slide is " + args);



      This is placed inside an IIS aplication, so that no security issues prevent the comm between the SWF and the HTML/Javascript


      I've successfully done this on a test SWF, but there, the fscommand was triggered by an onPress event from a button. Is it not possible to trigger it with the onSoundComplete event?