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    RH7 Pod Labels

    Philip Tory Level 1
      I am trying to tame RH7 into a format recognisable to a seasoned RH6 user, and have managed to replicate a similar layout of pods and whatsits so that they are in more-or-less the same layout as in RH6. That's better!
      Now, in RH7, is there any way to remove the Help Project Name from the tabs for "Table of Contents", "Index" and "Glossary"?
      If I am working on a project called "BPOSS BP Shipping Help Guide", then where these tabs display, all I see is 3 tabs in a row with BPOSS... BPOSS... BPOSS...
      Dear Adobe, I already KNOW what project I'm in, but it would sure be helpful if I could see which are the ToC, Index and Glossary tabs! Since you decided to change the icons to something less recognisable and looking much like one another (why, oh why??), you just add to the confusion.
      1. Does anyone have any suggestion how to revert the tab names back to their function, and leave out the project name?
      2. Is there a way to replace the new icons with the old ones?
      And dear Adobe, could we have some sense back in the product please?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If the pod is wide enough, you will see Name - Table of Contents, Name - Index. If you shoehorn it into something too narrow you will create the problem you are seeing. You can set things up so that they open in different pods. You can set them up to open in the DocPad so that you get a wide tab with the full name include TOC / Index.

          You have to give the new method a try. I wasn't certain at first but I hate going back to RH6 now.

          Try the Standard Flyout layout that I put on my site. It is not RH6 but it works very well for me.