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    Changing Text in Nested Comps - need workflow help!

    fashionrisk1 Level 1

      I'm little more than a newb in After Effects and I've run into a Render Queue workflow problem that I'm sure has a better solution than what I'm using!


      I need to export several versions of the same comp with each exported movie having changed text inside two of the nested comps.  Think Sports player profiles with the same background but different name and number, my project is kinda like that.


      What I'm doing now is: Changing the text inside nested comps > Rendering that version via the Render Queue > then changing the text in the two nested comps > Rendering that version via the Render Queue > Rinse, Repeat 25 times (Actually 50, I need 1080 and 720 exports).  Yuck!


      I've prerendered everything I can, and exported all of the repeating BG effects as movies (reimporting them into the comp), but the 2D Renders are still taking forever*. 


      What I'm looking for is a way that I could change the text and send it to Queue for each version, and then just batch render the whole job overnight.  Any elengant solutions out there?


      On the bright side, After Effects CS6 works perfectly on my MacBook Pro Retnia w/16G of RAM, absolutely no software or hardware complaints.  I just need a leg-up on workflow.





      * I understand "Forever" is relative, it's only a 10 second intro graphic, but I need 50 of them and working on a deadline it "forever" seems longer than normal!