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    Published topic is blank until I right-click

    DMilkes Level 1

      We have several projects published with either RH9 or RH10 and viewing them in IE8. Some of the topics are short and link to other topics in another project. The content looks like this:


      For information on this topic, please refer to the System online Help.

      To view the topic in this window, click here.


      The Link to path in the here link is /htm/imd/imtof09.htm and htm is the root folder of all the projects on our server. The links are also set to display as Same Frame.


      So...the problem is that when you click one of these links, the target frame shows up as blank and the frame borders blink rapidly. Only when you right-click that frame or the TOC frame will the topic appear as it should.


      This does NOT occur for links to other topics in the same project.


      At first we thought this was only occurring with projects published with RH10, but it's also happening with RH9.