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    CS6 Epub Output and XHTML File Names

    ElliottBeard Level 1

      Is there any way to customize or otherwise assign specific names to the XHTML files InDesign CS6 assigns to the various sections it creates when it splits files for an epub? I mean, if my InDesign file is named ""InDesign_File Name.indd", the autosplit XHTML files in the epub will be namedinstead of "InDesign_File Name-1.xhtml", "InDesign_File Name-2.xhtml", "InDesign_File Name-3.xhtml" etc. What I would love is if InDesign would use the NCX nav-panel entry text fields to name the XHTML files, although I see why that would be hard to program, since NCX entries don't necessarily require separate XHTML files to link to and can link to more than one anchor in a single file. But still, it could be like a text variable first-or-last-on-page option.


      What I am saying is that HTML files named "Dedication.xhtml" "Prologue.xhtml", "Chapter_1.xhtml", etc., would be easier to work with if there was an easy way to generate them short of breaking the single book-length file into pieces and recompiling it as an InDesign book. Is there any way to make that happen?