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    CS6 Epub Output and XHTML File Names


      Is there any way to customize or otherwise assign specific names to the XHTML files InDesign CS6 assigns to the various sections it creates when it splits files for an epub? I mean, if my InDesign file is named ""InDesign_File Name.indd", the autosplit XHTML files in the epub will be namedinstead of "InDesign_File Name-1.xhtml", "InDesign_File Name-2.xhtml", "InDesign_File Name-3.xhtml" etc. What I would love is if InDesign would use the NCX nav-panel entry text fields to name the XHTML files, although I see why that would be hard to program, since NCX entries don't necessarily require separate XHTML files to link to and can link to more than one anchor in a single file. But still, it could be like a text variable first-or-last-on-page option.


      What I am saying is that HTML files named "Dedication.xhtml" "Prologue.xhtml", "Chapter_1.xhtml", etc., would be easier to work with if there was an easy way to generate them short of breaking the single book-length file into pieces and recompiling it as an InDesign book. Is there any way to make that happen?