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    Issue with images folder variable


      We need to be able to easily change the images folder when moving from local development to the web server. At the top of project_edge.js it has "var im='images/';" When I modify the path, it does not affect all of the images because most of them do not include the im variable appended before the file.


      For example, within the project_edge.js there could be the following image references:





      When I modify the "im" variable, the first image will be correct, but the second will not. Is this a bug or is there something we're not doing correctly? Thanks.

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          I'm experiencing this same behavior. Some of my images use the "im" var, while some of them use the relative pathing.


          In my case, when we deploy out final files, I'm just going to do open the "yourFileName_edge.js" in TextMate, and do a find and replace, changing "images/ to: im+".


          Maybe someone from the Edge team can chime in on what's going on here. Here's my workflow: from Photoshop I save my images to the default "images" folder. Then I open Edge and drag the images from the library onto the stage. The Edge pathing seems arbitrary.