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    Problem with text NOT displaying over Button after exporting interactive PDF


      Hi there,


      ~I'm attempting to export an interactive PDF from inDesign CS5.


      ~Ive created a rectangular button with text over it on a seperate layer above.


      Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 22.19.11.png


      ~The button links to a URL.


      ~When checked in the Preview it works perfectly however when exported and opened in Acrobat 9 the buttons display but the text above is missing!


      ~The button still works, hit-states change perfect, just no text appearing.


      ~This is what it looks like in the exported PDF...


      Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 22.20.44.png


      ~Has anyone had similar problems or a solution to this really annoying problem? IM sure its something simply andway all suggestions appreciated!


      ~Thanks in advance