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    Export Release Locked To Execute From Parent Folder

    Alec - SAIC

      Adobe Flash Builder 4.5, Windows XP, Actionscript Project for the Web (not AIR).  Worked fine, export it, used it in html, hurray!


      Got a new laptop, Windows 7, re-installed Flash Builder 4.5, import project, press play, works fine!  Export release build, works fine!  Try to copy/paste release build .swf to other directory to put it online, it shows up blank!  From various debugging, found that most all projects I imported have this same problem: they work in the parent directory of the workspace, but once I either rename that folder in Windows or copy/paste the necessary .swf and assets outside of that folder, nothing shows up anymore (in one instance, a blue background showed up and a little bit of text, but the text had no formatting and the rest of the display was not present).


      Tried looking into linked resources, extracting src data and building a new project with a different name from scratch, made sure everything wasn't read-only or some other permission issue, tried most everything I could think of.