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    multiple displays for projector

      I want to make a kiosk application with Director with two separate video cards and two displays. I know that deskTopRectList returns a list of connected monitors with their relative positions and sizes. I am hoping that I can set the stage very large in the movie properties, then set each monitor to only display a portion of the stage. Can anyone confirm that this will work, and also let me know the best way to tell Director the location and size for each display? I imagine it has to do with drawRect, but I am not sure exactly how to do it...

      By the way, I am really pleased that Adobe will be releasing Director 11. I encourage everyone who had been waiting to pre-order the new version to signal to Adobe that we appreciate their continuing support of this excellent product.
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          Applied CD Level 1
          Yes, you can either have one giant stage spanning all monitors or you could open the stage on one monitor and open an MIAW on the other. MIAWs can be a pain to work with but I’d consider using them if there’s a lot of dead space (ie, if the monitors have very different resolutions) or if the functions of each monitor can be neatly compartmentalized (eg: if one monitor is the GUI and the other displays only video).

          You shouldn’t have to mess with the drawRect, that has more to do with scaling content. deskTopRectList is useful if you’re going to take the MIAW approach but you really don’t need it for a giant stage. During authoring you can simply set the movie stage size to the combined rectangle area of the two monitors. Since it’s a kiosk you’ll be publishing the projector with the full screen option. When the projector is launched stage coordinate (0,0) will be at the top left of the primary monitor, the rest of the oversized stage will extend onto monitor 2.
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            wow, that's so easy. So, if I ran this on a laptop, I could just go into the display properties, tell Windows that I have two displays, and to extend the desktop onto the second display. What if I want to use a desktop computer? Do I need to get a second video card, or is that an adapter for connecting a second monitor (or projector, etc)?
            Thanks so much for your help! You saved me a lot of time and money.
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              That depends on the video card. My development system is a desktop with two monitors driven by one video card (a 256Mb ATI Radeon X1300Pro). I’ve got a touch screen on my left and wide screen flat panel on my right. The Windows desktop is extended over both so applications (including Director) see it as one big desktop. The computer/card came with a cable that plugs into a DVI port on the card and the cable splits into two VGA connectors. I don’t think dual monitor support from a single card (laptop or desktop) is all that rare these days … I would think any reasonable mid to high end card would be capable.