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    ADE Apps for Android & iOS???


      Is ADE ever going to create apps for Android and iOS devices? Then we could eliminate all the stupid transfer problems that are driving folks nuts!!



      Are you Adobe folks even listening to these forums?? The frustration level out here is stratospheric...

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          There are plenty of Apps for Android and iOS based upon the same code (RMSDK) that ADE is built on - they just happen to be done by 3rd parties (such as Bluefire, or Nook).


          Even if Adobe did do an Android/iOS version of ADE, you would still have the same transfer issues, btw.


          (also remember these are the User to User forums - while the Adobe folks sometime cruise around - I would expect much of an answer from them - especially on a post where you ask about their future plans, or lack thereof).