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    Batch action for raw files from different camera models


      I want to create a batch action that will process raw files by setting their workflow resolution option and image settings in camera raw.   I can create a batch action by recording an open command for a raw file, setting the workflow resolution and image settings, and then stopping the action recording. 


      This creates an open action which captures the resolution , images settings instruction , and other settings for camera raw, but it also captures the camera model and workflow options are specific to a camera model.   If I then use the action on multiple raw files from different cameras, raw files from the camera specified in the 'open' step will get processed as I want, but raw files from any other camera model will get processed with whatever workflow resolution option was used the last time I manually opened a file from that model in ACR.


      I tried recording an 'open' step by bringing raw files from 3 different cameras into ACR and selecting to open them in photoshop, but that created three 'open'  steps, one for each camera model, in the action.  Running that action produced three versions of every image from every camera model.  No good.


      How can I create an action that will set the workflow resolution option based on the camera model, when images from different camera models are being processed in the batch?


      I am using PSCS5 and ACR 6.7