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    Font colors missing from linked ai files (cs4)

    mec_os Level 4

      so i have an indesign document with a bunch linked AI files all of which have the same fonts in the same colors (white and light yellow) over the same color backgrounds.


      earlier this week i printed without a problem. since then i've added a few notes here and there and i printed again and now most of the white text doens't show up on the print, some shows up barely, and some looks embossed into the background color. the yellow text printed purple. if i outline the text it prints fine.


      the text that weent wrong, i didn't change from before when it printed fine. my coworker had also printed a copy from a pdf i made from indesign with the same results.


      can anyone help?



      this is on indesign cs4 with linked ai cs4 files on mac os x lion.