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    Add/Remove a password to an individual PDF without navigating entire security process?


      Is there a procedure/plug-in/script/utility that will allow me to add/remove a password to a single PDF without creating a batch script?


      I create many (dozens) PDF's throughout the course of a a day, either as an export from InDeisgn CS5.5 or via printing to the Adobe Acrobat Converter. I would simply create  watched folders on my desktop to add or remove a password but I haven't found a way to identify security-enabled PDF files without having to open the file.


      I have only two scenarios for creating PDF files as it relates to security. The first includes Printing: HIGH RESOLUTION and Changes Allowed: NONE. The second includes Printing: LO-RESOLUTION and Changes Allowed: COMMENTING, ETC.


      What would really be great is if there was a script that I could access as a Windows Explorer extension that would allow me to add/remove passwors to one or more selected files. It would even be better if, after enabling password security, I could some identify the security status of a file by it's icon or some other visual manner that didn't effect the name of the file.


      I hope I have narrated my situation clearly enough. I look forward to comments or suggestions.