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    How can I create a stop animation video with single images in Premiere Pro?

    saridooda Level 1

      Let me start off by saying I am 100% new to pretty much all Adobe software as of about 3 weeks ago. I have been doing a lot of googling these past few weeks. With that said, I will do my best to explain my question.


      I am making a stop motion animated video.  I am not using several photos to create the look, but rather single photoshopped images that I have deleted the backgrounds out of. Basically the video is single charms "crawling" or flying in individually from off screen into a circle, there is a story explaining what each charm means. I started in After Effects, but had issues with audio... am I right in my understanding that you cannot preview the audio unless you use the preview feature? So my solution was playing a guessing game, rendering/exporting, importing it to Premiere Pro, taking notes and then heading back to After Effects to try to re-do the timing. Obviously this was not working too well.


      Then after doing more googling and clicking around I figured out you could layer images in Premier Pro and make them move just as you would in After Effects, which is great! There are two things hanging me up...


      1. 1. I used the wiggle effect in After Effects. For the life of me I cannot find or figure out an effect or preset similar to this in Premiere Pro. Is there such a thing? Or do I have to create rotation keyframes? (I think I'm using keyframes correctly).


      1. 2. Making the images stop-motiony and not smooth.


      My question is... any suggestions on how to re-create the wiggle effect easily in Premiere Pro? Or is there away to create the effect in After Effects and then import the image into Premiere Pro and still be able to change the position and timing?


      Please help! My deadline is tomorrow by the end of the work day!


      Please forgive me if these are silly questions... go easy on me, I'm soo new! Thanks in advance!