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    Locking Editable Regions

      Hi guys,

      Any help would be amazing, I have a site created using dreamweaver template which has 2 editable regions, 1 for nav (Nav chanages per page - nav links are images which highlight when on the current page) and the other region is for page content.

      When I connect to the site using Contribute both the nav and main content regions are editable. Is there a way I can keep these editable outside of Contribute so I can update the template if needed but when the person who is updating the site content via Contribute the nav region is locked and therefore can't be edited.

      I've searched high and wide for several days for an answer to this and any advice would be much appreciated


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          As far as I know, if you make an area an editable region via Dreamweaver, there is no way to lock it down in Contribute. Sorry!
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            ThinkInk Level 2
            You could put your nav in a SSI (Server Side Include).
            Like this for PHP:
            <?php include("nav.php"); ?>

            Admin Contribute so that scripts are protected and you can even place the include in an editable region, but in theis case you can also replace the editable region with the include code.
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              Other option would be to create more templates where the navigation is non-editable to Contribute users but you can edit in DW.

              For example rather than making naivgation editable and building all your pages for one template, create a template file for each navigation used. i.e. if you have common navigation for all your 'contact us' pages, have one template that makes navigation standard for those pages.