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    Creating lifelike training simulations

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      Hi, I have recently been employed in a role where I am creating and editing online training material. I have been given the task of creating lifelike, interactive training simulations of a web based application.

      I have a week to create 10 short training and practice simulations and while i have created basic Captivate presentations I have very little experience of recording web based software and then making this interactive so the trainee navigates there way through the recording.

      I am not really sure where to start and any advice will be most appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          > I am not really sure where to start and any advice will be most
          > appreciated.

          Have you tried searching the web for examples of existing eLearning? There
          are scores of good, and bad, examples that you can view. Should help to
          inspire you and see what is possible. Be aware, though, that a lot of what
          you see is using tools with much more advanced features than Captivate has
          to offer, so you may have to lower your sights form the stuff you see ;-)

          Try these for starters


          The above link takes you to a page of links that are often pages of links
          .... anyway, LOADS of examples, although not all of them will be what you
          are looking for.


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