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    Color Banding and Color Loss during playback


      I'm experiencing weird behavior with Premiere Pro CS6.

      PrPro Banding.jpgPPro Banding(2).jpg


      As you can see in the above images I'm experiencing banding whenever Full resolution is selected for either playback or paused. If 1/2 or lower is selected then the image looks fine (albeit not full resolution). The images are 1/2 resolution in the Source monitor and Full resolution in the Program monitor. The left image shows the same thick banding as in the right image, with the addition of thinner stripes within the thick bands (don't know if they can be seen at this resolution or not).


      This behavior is also not consistent. Some clips don't experience this at all. The clips in this example are MXF MPEG2 clips shot on a Canon XF300 however the same has been seen on everything from AVI to MOV and yet not *every* AVI or MOV.


      Another oddity that I'm seeing is that when I use the fullscreen command to make the Full Resolution monitor fullscreen, the image inverts itself (upside down and backwards) and becomes black and white (I couldn't get a screengrab of it though).


      My initial thought was that it would be a graphic driver error, but I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver to no effect. I've also tried reinstalling PPro CS6 with the same results. I'm also tried merely cleaning the cache/preferences... also the same result. I'm at a complete loss and was hoping that someone out there had a solution I haven't thought of yet. My colleagues are not experiencing this issue, despite being on the exact same machines (specs below) with the same updated build of CS6.


      Alienware M17X R2

      Intel i7 2.13GHz

      8GB Ram

      Windows 7 - 64-bit

      SLI - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 (1GB each) - Driver version 8.982; Catalyst Version 12.8