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    How to get 'exit event' script to execute again when form file with saved data is re-opened?


      I have created an Adobe Dynamic XML Form using LiveCycle Designer with many fields / subforms that are ‘visible’ or ‘hidden’ dependent upon the options selected from various Drop-Down Lists. The form has also been save-enabled. Users can successfully complete the form and save a copy with the data that has been input.


      The problem I have is that when the saved file is re-opened the ‘hidden’ fields / subforms which were previously made visible by selection of the appropriate options from the Drop-down Lists are now NOT displayed. However if you make the same selections from each of the Drop-down Lists AGAIN the hidden fields / subforms are displayed and do contain the data that was entered.


      The problem appears to be that the script which determines whether a field / subform is ‘hidden’ or ‘visible’ is an

      <event activity="exit" name="event__exit">

      which is followed by

      if (this.rawValue == "0")- (i.e. the value of the Drop-down List)

      sfCompanyDetails.presence = "visible";


      sfRecruitmentAgency.presence = "hidden";


      etc, etc

      and, therefore, it is not executed again when the saved file is re-opened.


      Can anyone please advise how to achieve this?