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    Indesign is pretty slow ..



      I'm Abhijeet. I am using a MacBook Pro 2.2Ghz i7 late 2011 build 4GB RAM 500GB HDD..running Indesign 5.5 on Mac OSX LION 10.7.4.

      My problem is that my indesign is pretty slow ... i am working on a book of around 400 pages which is big...but when i check on activity monitor it shows only around 500MB of RAM is being used by Indesign when i have the project opened...usually i have around 1.5GB RAM free...but still my INdesign is pretty slow...any idea??

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do you have a lot of cross references?


          Things that can be done to speed up ID:


          Set Live Screen Drawing (in the prefs) to Never or Delayed, turn off Live Preflight, turn off page thumbnails in the Pages panel, open all involved if you use inter-document cross-references.


          Make sure you are patched to version 7.5.3, and do a Save As to clear out old change information.

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            _abizit_ Level 1

            thnx peter for the suggestion.. i have all the live screen drawing to never, live preflight off and thumbnails off..and there aren't any cross references but i don't hink i am patched upto 7.5.3.. will do that and hopefully improve my performance..