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    Selecting and deselecting object on page


      I'm an oldtime PM user, and keep  using the control alt, or whatever that combo it is to select multiple objects quickly on a page.  Such as a text block graphic, etc.. in one fell swoop.  However, I seem to always select way more than I need, and then try frantically try to 'deselect' items, and I either lose the selections totally or I can't select only the ones I want, too many are selected.


      What trick am I missing? 

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          There's a trick in Illustrator that I wish would work in InDesign. If you hide or lock an object (in Illustrator), when you unlock or unhide, everything that was locked or hidden will be selected. Because of this, I can lock or hide (I usually hide) items one at a time, and when I'm done, I unhide them, and they're all selected, and ready for what ever I had planned to do. If there's something like that in InDesign, I'd like to know it.


          In InDesign, I just use the shift key to add something to a selection, or remove it from a selection (by clicking, of course).

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            If you're an old PM user the problem could simply be technique. There's a fundamental differnce between marquee behavior in ID and PM. In PM an object had to be completely surrounded by the selection marquee to be selected. In ID, as in Quark, you need only touch a part of an oject withthe marquee to select it. Takes some getting used to, but it's actually faster and easier, in my opinion.

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              indesigna Level 1

              yeah, I have to get used to this ....... thx, though