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    vst graphics

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello photoshoper.


      id like ot know what kind of category do graphics like this fit into?are they done in ps?or some other design program.

      is there a special industry acossiated with these kind of graphics.i know this isnt a photoshop help question,but im just asking

      because i know some people in this forum are designers.


      thank you.




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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          This can be done on Illustrator, even on Photoshop. There are people who solely write/ code plug-ins for audio softwares. A friend of mine who writes VST/ RTAS plug-ins for Avid uses Photoshop for his imagery.


          PS: I'm an Audio Engineer by passion & by my college degree and I have/ stil do use a handful of nice VSTs on Ableton Live for my Music Production

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            inquestflash Level 1



            So you have to know how to write code for designs like this?or just know how to design these kind of interfaces?isnt this a teamwork thing?

            where can i learn this type of coding,is it an oline training?Ill appreciate all the information. My dream is to be able to design interfaces like this in future.


            Kind Regards.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Design and coding don't necessarily relate. Often the graphics are done be dedicated UI (user interface)/ UX (user experience) people, but these people also often build dummys e.g. using Flash or web techniques plus there is a lot of theoretical stuff like navigation flows, value ranges etc. to consider. Also you need to know which elements are generated dynamically like e.g. text or the function graphs in teh example and how it is integrated in the app. The actual layout is either just referencing your images and defining their coordinates and interactions the old way directly in the code (plus their drawing order and other stuff) or you use tools to create e.g. XAML files that contain the layout and resources and can be directly referenced from a MS Visual Studio project and will be included based on the logic you built into the XAML. Specific UI frameworks will often require otehr procedures. Depends. Just be aware that when you get into this and want to make a living of "serious" UI design, it's a lot more than designing fancy buttons with gradients or icons...



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                sudarshan.t Level 6

                Like Mylenium said, there are 2 ways to it:


                • Design UI and do UEx testing/ R&D
                • Code functionality


                Not necessary that you have to learn to code to design these. If you have someone else associated with you who can write code/ program for functionality, you could just do the UI/ layouts. But again, I second Mylenium - if you're wanting to make a serious living with this, you should be a Pro at it. More than learning, it takes years of accumulated knowledge & experience to get there. End of it, you should remember, you don't just want to make any 'plugin', you want to be able to make one that 'works' just fine with absolutely zero margin for errors!


                This friend of mine I mentioned to you about previously has been in this industry for close to about 15+ years now since the legacy edition of FruityLoops evolved (now FL Studio)!

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                  inquestflash Level 1

                  Thank you for your information guys. I know i can always get the best advice in this forum. At last i got my question answered.



                  Kind regards.