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    Web App Search Modifications


      Has anyone found a way to create a web app search tool that will search multiple databases?

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          Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee



          To my knowledge this is not yet possible as the web app search will only search within it's web app items. 


          Kind regards,


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            Webmosphere.co.uk Level 3

            Hi Basilone,


            I am currently developing this site (http://www.helpineeda.com/home) and I have twicked the main search form to search 2 web apps-

            but you can add as many web apps as you like simply by creating a new <option> and adding the form action to it.


            Here is the html and javascript I am using:

            <form name="catcustomcontentform84870" method="post" onsubmit="return checkWholeForm84870(this)" action="" data-ajax="false">


                            <select class="home-select" id="selectNeed" data-role="none">

                              <option class="home-select-option" value="/Default.aspx?CCID=15996&FID=95571&ExcludeBoolFalse=True&ID=/helpers-search">Helpe rs</option>

                              <option class="home-select-option" value="/Default.aspx?CCID=15953&FID=95386&ExcludeBoolFalse=True&ID=/job-search">Jobs</opt ion>




                            <input type="text"  name="CAT_txtKeywords" id="CAT_txtKeywords" class="home-keywords" placeholder="Enter keywords..." data-role="none" x-webkit-speech>



                            <input class="cat_button home-btn" type="submit" value="Search" data-role="none" >




                                          <script type="text/javascript">

                                          function checkWholeForm84870(theForm){

                                                    var why = "";


                                                    if (why != ""){



                                                              return false;




                                                    var sel = document.getElementById("selectNeed");

                theForm.action = sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value;


                                                        return false;


                                                              return true;





            PS I came up with this solution by modifying this: http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/598/bc_598.html#main_Logging_into_different_Secure_Zones_ according_to_ID_number


            I hope this helps.


            Dave Black



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              mon_adobe Level 1

              It is possible to create a site-wide search, and restrict it to web apps...  http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/kb/creating-search-page-web-app.html

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                Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee



                You can so into the site search details and select the "search type".  However there's not option to restrict to a particular web app if you have multiple web apps active. 




                Otherwise you'll need to use the web app search to have it dedicated to a specific web app. 


                Hope this helps!