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    Spry menu Background color IE


      The background color of one of my menu items (the only one which includes a submenu) appears as white instead of blue in Internet Explorer 8.0

      Any tips on how to correc this? I'm using Spry 1.6 - maybe I should download the Spry 2.0 Widget? If I do that, do I have to recreate the entire menu?




      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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          Ken Binney Level 6

          Sorry, didm't have time to test this but try changing the css background: #FFF;


          /* HACK FOR IE: to stabilize appearance of menu items; the slash in float is to keep IE 5.0 from parsing */

          @media screen, projection


          ul.MenuBarHorizontal li.MenuBarItemIE


          display: inline;

          f\loat: left;

          background: #FFF;