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    Creating Templates For Clients (stores)


      Scenario: I'm the only one in my office who has InDesign (CS5, but willing to upgrade) and I service the marketing needs of over 100 different locations of the same business.  A lot of the work I do is simply creating "templates" in InDesign and then these 100 stores need coupons and fliers that are exactly the same artwork, only the headlines, addresses, coupons, etc. change from store to store.


      I have had success in the past with an assistant who can edit InDesign templates that I create, but I'm trying to streamline my workflow and create an intranet where the stores can simply edit their own artwork.  I understand I could just set up the certificates/flyers/posters as PDF forms to be filled out, but I also understand that is limiting and a little bit above a QSR managers job requirements.


      What would be a good way to solve a scenario like this?  One where a store can access a PDF on a server, open it, edit the proper information and then save as a PDF to be emailed (maybe even automatically)?  And if anyone's really willing to dig in:  is there a way that they could populate the artwork through an online form, which would in turn populate a database for tracking purposes?


      I know this is loaded, but let's just say I've just had a major job shift.  I don't need tons of details, just a point in the right direction.