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    What am I doing wrong?


      Long time Flash user who has been dying to start using Edge, finally got an Intel based Mac so I can start my journey in mobileMac-friendly animations. I built an Edge ani and it is an AMAZING program - everything I could ask for, but heres my problem:

      Built the ani at 2040pix x 1500pix, hoping to take advantage of the iPad's landscape pixel dimensions, figuring when device is rotated, or viewed on iPhone, the ani would be able to scale to fit each browser width. Searched web, found the meta "viewport" tag and slapped my forehead thinking this was the solution. Unfortunately it is not the case. While the Edge doc is currently set to px dimensions instead of % for everything, I have tried changing everything to percents, but in portrait orientation, this caused my horizontal design to stretch into a distorted vertical lay-out. If y'all could take a look and let me know some ideas, I would certainly appreciate it. The meta viewport tag SHOULD work, but the two iPads and two iPhones I've tested it on have had miserable results no matter what I try.

      Thanks everybody.