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    Unix:  Any support for creating com objects?

    duffyjames Level 1
      I'm looking into migrating a CF 8 server from Windows to Unix. I see in the documentation for CreateObject that com objects are not supported on Unix, "Note: On UNIX, this function does not support COM objects."

      Obviously, this won't work on Unix: Note:
      <cfset image = CreateObject( 'com', 'ImageStoreCom.Image' )>

      But what about this, can I create a remote com object?:
      <!-- assume '' is a windows machine with a registered com object on it -->
      <cfset image = CreateObject( 'com', 'ImageStoreCom.Image', 'remote', '' )

      Finally, if the example above is out of the question, are then any techniques for exposing a com object to CF on a Unix box? I'm wondering if maybe I could write a Java wrapper for the com object and expose it that way?

      Thanks for your help,