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    Digital Signatures


      We have users in the field that are digitally signing documents, that when it reaches corporate office, the ap department needs to modify totals.  Is there a way for the signer to allow changes to documents after they sign???

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          It may be possible to allow further edits after signing, but these absolutely must invalidate the signature. In some workflows that might not be a problem, but there is no way to sign a "future document" if you see what I mean.

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            This all depends on how the document is authored. If it were me doing the work I'd have each field filled in by the signer locked at signing time, but only those fields. I'd also use JavaScript or FormCalc to have a "total" field update automatically as other fields are filled in so that when the AP department adds the final data it will modify the total so it is correct. The bottom line is, yes it is possible.