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    binding to resourceManager from ActionScript

      Hi all,
      I was starting my first Flex multilanguage application, and when trying to use the resourceManger to use language properties files, I relised how different it is to do it from mxml and from ActionScript.

      for mxml I can do bindings like...

      <mx:Text id="theText" text="{resourceManager.getString('messages','didYouMean')}" />

      while if I declare the same Text component in ActionScript, I should do...

      theText.text = resourceManager.getString('messages', 'didYouMean');
      public function langChangeHandler(event:Event):void {
      theText.text = resourceManager.getString('messages', 'didYouMean');

      I am missing something or this is the way to do it in ActionScript?

      thanks in advance,