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    Images Missing in File

    Comp. 792 Level 1

      1) If all layers are showing (visible) is it possible some will not be visible until rendering. I played the file and some images were missing. I checked to see that the images were included in the file and they are.


      2) I believe some of the images are missing but the guy who made the file say’s they are all there. I need to show him a render but don’t want to render out the whole animation. Is it possible to do a “quick” render of only the problematic part of the file to show someone the problem area?


      What is the best way to set this up?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just set up your work area over the part you want to render, add the comp to the Render Cue and select Work Area in the Render Settings.

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            BenjaminMarkus Level 4


            a.) Move your playhead to the section where the problematic frames begin and press the B Key to set the beginning of your work area.

            b.) Then move your playhead to the end of your work area and press the N key to set the end of your work area.



            When you send your comp to the Render Queue, click "Best Settings" to open up the Render Settings menu.  It should be on automatically, but you can check to make sure "Work Area Only" is selected next to Time Span: to make sure that you're only rendering the work area section of the timeline.