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    Placed objects not printing correctly


      Not sure if this is a bug in the new update, but this just started happening on all of my Indesign documents, some of which are fairly old and have been used hundreds of times. All adobe programs are CS6 Master/Photoshop X Pro.


      When I go to print one of these, any object that is placed on the worksheet, prints blurry, or very poor quality. Text or shapes that are part of the document and not placed print correctly.


      The placed objects are mainly vector based illustrator documents, but there's a few from photoshop. I don't see any errors, the files aren't being rasterized or anything and all have the correct paths. I've tested with about 20 documents and every one does this. I am 100% certain, that these files printed fine 2 days ago, and to my knowledge there hasn't been any changes to the computer or any adobe program. These were just routine brochures we were printing. Is there some setting that I'm missing that would cause placed objects to print incorrectly?