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    InDes is only bringing in outer edge of photoshop clipping mask, not inner cut outs - any ideas?

    corriela Level 1

      e.g. say I had a picture of a CD with a path round the outer circle and a path round the inner hole. Both circles are saved into one Clipping Path called Path1 as a .psd (also tried .tif no layers)

      I then want to place this CD in Indesign onto a black background....


      I import my CD image to InDesign, select Object > Clipping Path > Photoshop path and select path 1


      The CD is cut out but the inner hole is not. If I select the edge of the path using the white arrow, only the outer circle path is there.


      This used to work fine in CS4 on my MAC, but now I'm using CS5.5 on Windows and it doesn't work.


      Any help appreciated. Thanks