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    How to export to miniDV  in Adobe PPCS6????

    nadine1954 Level 1

      I can not find a way to export to tape.  It finally occurred to me that since a mini DV tape is in AVI format, that's what I should have to export in.  There is no option for that on the CS 6 export to film.  What is my option?  I have to put it back edited to ship it off.  Is there another format that is compatible with the mini DV tapes?  Help please thank you so much.

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          To export to tape you simply click "file>export>tape". You just have to make sure the camera is hooked up the comptuer.


          However I'm assuming you're using a camera could you provide a little more info?


          Honestly though if someone else is going to continue editing the footage I'd recommend not putting it to tape, I'd recommend exporting it to a digital lossless format then putting it on a external HDD and shipping it to them. Unless you have access to a FTP site with a good amount of bandwidth.

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            Note that when doing an Export to Tape to DV, you must turn off "Mercury GPU Acceleration" if applicable in order for it to work. Don't ask me why, that is the rules.




            Jeff Pulera

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't know if the "rule" is explained in one of these, but here are more export to tape discussions


              Export to Tape http://forums.adobe.com/message/4699448

              Hardware MPE must be OFF to be able to export via Firewire



              Also CS6 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1016269

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                you must turn off "Mercury GPU Acceleration" in order for it to work


                I thought that was fixed in CS6.  No?

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                  josephs51576386 Level 3

                  It was to my knowledge, I know I'm able to monitor via firewire hooked up to a DVC-pro deck now and I wasn't in earlier versions unless I turned off MPE GPU accel.

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                    nadine1954 Level 1

                    Yes, I am attempting to export to my Panasonic AG-HVX200 to tape. It's, unfortunately not quite as simple as file>export>tape.  Yes I have a fire wire.  I've been doing this for years on an earlier version (much earlier) of PP without any problems.  This is with a new camera, on a new mac with a new adobe PP.  I think I've jumped a couple of generations of technology.. 


                    It is doing the same thing the previous person stated (acting like it's actually recording but it isn't.  Blue screen etc.)   I did see the mercury thing posted and looked for it but couldn't find where that was.  Could you help me locate it?  I'm  hoping that will solve it.  I've checked everything else out.   Sounds like that must be it.


                    Regarding someone else editing, it's actually one of those places where you send the edited tape and then go on line to author and burn.  I used it years ago and it works pretty slick but you have to send the tape. I can't get this Encore figured out either (DVD with sound and no picture blah blah) and the clock is ticking for me to get this to the client while I figure out this new system.  If there's a place I can just upload or send on external I'd do it in a heartbeat.  Know of one?


                    Sure do appreciate all this feedback! 

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                      josephs51576386 Level 3

                      To turn off MPE you go to Project>Project Settings>General then you set it to "MPE Software only mode" if this is grayed out then you know it's already off. However if you're using CS6 then this isn't the problem since I'm 99 percent sure tape exports do indeed work in cs6 with MPE turned on. However it did not in previous versions.


                      I think I might know what the issue is. However in cs6 I think they moved the option I'm about to refer too although I will still attempt to tell you what to do even though I'm not at a machine with a tape device hooked up to it. In older versions when the problem you're describing was occuring generally it's because you hadn't set your export device yet. To do so you would go to "seqeuence>sequence settings then you click on "playback settings" then set your export to tape option to whatever device you wanted to record/export too. In cs6 I think you can do the same thing except by going to "edit>preferences>playback then messing with the options it lists for instance Adobe DV or it might show your camera you have hooked up etc then you'll just need to click where it says setup etc. then you'll make sure everything is properly configured and you should be ready to go. Because I'm fairly sure this is the issue. Let me know if this works or not. If it doesn't though I know for a fact I'll be able to walk you threw the steps on Monday I realize though thats a long wait. Sorry hopefully I remember the steps correclty for cs6 I know the steps for older versions are correct but then again I might be remembering wrong and those steps might work for cs6 too although I think they moved the "playback settings feature thing but I can't recall so please check that even though I said I'm not sure it's that way in cs6 or not.

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                        nadine1954 Level 1

                        Thank you.  I went to the settings and the MPE software only mode was not grayed out.  I selected it and got the message, " Changes to Video Rendering and Playback settings may result in visual differences between new previews and previously rendered previews.  For maximum consistency, deleting all rendered previews from the project is recommended.  This action cannot be undone".  Deleting something that can not be undone with as little knowledge as I have is a bit unnerving, so I didn't do it, but chose the second option you provided, but the Sequence settings (playback settings) is grayed out and not available to change. 


                        Next option - edit preferences playback -  no preferences listed


                        Double checked my PP preferences Device Control and I have it to DV/HDV Device Control - specifically Panasonic


                        Went back to the MPE settings and almost did it.  Just don't have the nerve without knowing the consequences.  Anybody?

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                          josephs51576386 Level 3

                          It will only delete your previews, which is nothing to worry about.  The other thing I wanted you to check was going to edit >preferences> playback and verifying the setup and everything is correct. Can post a screen shot of what it lists under preferences>playback? So I can tell you what to select from there. I'm almost positive this is what is wrong. Because I had this exact problem a long time ago. (Where I could capture and control my deck and also my camera but I couldn't export to it.) So please post a picture of what it shows under your preferences>playback.

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                            nadine1954 Level 1

                            I don't know how to do that (posting screen shots).  But I did go in and and was able to change the audio device in playback to Adobe DV and now I have sound going to the film but still no picture.


                            My preferences>playback has Preroll, Postroll, Default Player and Audio Device.  The Default player has no options but Adobe Player.  I changed the Audio Device to Adobe DV and the Video Device Setup has Aspect Ratio Conversion (Hardware or Software - Hardware is checked) and 24p Conversion Method Interlaced Frame (checked) or Repeat Frame (ABBCD). 


                            There is a box at the bottom that has "Disable video output when in the background" that is checked.    I unchecked that and I still get no picture.


                            Don't know if this helps...

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                              josephs51576386 Level 3

                              I am going to have to wait until I get to my office on Monday, because I'm about 99 percent sure I know what the issue is. The problem is I can't remember where the setting is at from memory sorry. I'm fairly sure I'm on the right track now though, since you now have audio. What options does it have listed for "video devices"?


                              Also are you trying to export 720X480 footage or HDV? I'm assuming 720x480 by what you have said I just want to be sure though.


                              If you're on a pc you can take a screen shot using the windows 7 snipping tool. Go to search and type "snipping tool".  Then all you need to do is come on this site and click the little "camera" icon and select the photo you want to upload. Under video devices after you check adobe dv go back to sequence>sequence settings> then see if "playback settings" is still greyed out. If it's not click this and it should give you the option you need to send video to your device. Although I can verify this for sure once I'm at my jobs workstation.

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                                Hi there

                                I've recently changed to Premiere CS6 and I too have been having problems with exporting to tape. Initially the option was greyed out but this seemed to right itself fairly quickly.


                                Exporting to tape: this appeared to be happening on both computer and camera but the result on camera was a blue screen and no video.  Investigating the replies on here, I've actually managed to get it to work (its a good feeling when you've solved a problem like this!).


                                Go to Preferences > Playback. I use a Mac so it may be in a different place - Edit perhaps, as mentioned above.

                                Audio Device: select Adobe DV. At this point the video should appear on your camera LCD

                                Video Device: tick Adobe DV box


                                I should point out that initiating the record process from EXPORT TO TAPE is still giving me some problems (although this is probably operator error rather than a problem with the programme - I'm working on that),but setting the camera to record and then playing the video in the timeline has worked fine.  Check that both video and audio are playing back in camera.


                                Note: If you don't select Adobe DV as the Audio Device, you will get video but no audio.


                                Good luck