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    date/time dropdown field

    patpai Level 1

      Good day everyone,


      Having a little problem with the date/time field right now.


      Im trying to have the user use that calendar pop-up GUI and overall it works ok. But it only returns the date and i would like to also capture the time.


      So if the user chooses today's date, the field should include that date plus the actual time recorded when the user exited that field i guess.

      But even tho the field is set as a "date/time" field, it doesnt seam to allow me to capture both date & time at the same time.


      I changed the date format to "date & time" on the binding tab, but when i do tat, the calendar no longer pops-up

      So how can i capture date & time using that little calendar tool? 


      I need your help please



      Thank you